GM to fit smaller turbo’d engines in future cars

Ford’s TwinForce.. err, sorry, EcoBoost motors have really gotten the attention of the automotive world lately, but GM is not to be outdone in the powertrain department. GM plans to fit a turbocharged version of it’s 1.4 liter four-cylinder in future iterations of the Chevrolet Cobalt and Saturn Astra.

The 1.4 liter motor already exists in non-turbo form in the European Opel Astra. If sucessful in small cars, these engine could see duty in mid-sized cars as well. Jim Queen, GM’s Chief Engineer, optimistically added, “You’re going to see turbocharged four-cylinders in vehicles that no one could have ever imagined that they would be in.” Oh the possibilities.

Turbocharged direct injection motors have provided automakers with a cost-effective method to improve mileage in wake of increased CAFE standards, without sacrificing our thirst for well-motivated machines.

With Ford expecting half a million EcoBoost-powered cars on the road by 2012 and GM ready to start seeking out more widespread use of its upcoming 1.4 turbo four-cylinder, the saying, ‘no replacement for displacement’ has become all but irrelevant.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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