Ford raises prices on ever model of every brand (but it’s not so bad)

Ford raises prices on ever model of every brand, but its not so bad

The folks at Automotive News found that FoMoCo has raised sticker prices on its domestic cars and light trucks. The increase was across the board including every model of every brand besides the Ford E-Series van and wagon, the Lincoln Mark LT (since it’ll be dropped and the end of this model year) and the Lincoln Town Car (since its a fleet car).

Prices of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury brand rose an average of $198 bringing Ford’s increase for the model year to date to $502. Still cheaper compared to GM’s price hike of $646. The Ford brand saw a price increase of $197 while Lincoln and Mercury models were increased by $253 and $166 respectively.

Prices for the brand new Ford F-150 went up $175 to $475. The largest price increase is on the Ford Expedition ($500) and the Lincoln Navigator ($675).


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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