Mercedes-Benz recalls 2007 SLR McLarens

Mercedes-benz recalls 2007 SLR McLarens

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Mercedes-Benz is recalling the 2007 SLR McLarens because the windshields on the cars may not be installed properly.

“If a crash occurs, the windshield may not be retained, increasing the risk of injury to a vehicle occupant,” says the NHTSA in the 2007 SLR McLaren recall summary. The NHTSA said, “either the primer or activator was missing at the time of installation.”

Mercedes-Benz dealerships will remove the windshields, clean and reinstall them with a primer and activator. If you own the $482,750 SLR McLarens, you may want to head over to your local Benz dealership or call (800) 367-6372 for more information.


Source: Inside Line

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