Rumor Mill: Chrysler to merge with…

Rumor Mill: Chrysler to merge with...

Chrysler has been in the hot seat ever since Daimler dumped it and private equity firm Cerebus picked it up. Recently, the company’s brand-new CEO, Bob Nardelli, was under fire after The Wall Street Journal reported that he told employees at a meeting earlier this month that the company is headed for a huge loss this year.

The company has been under fire from critics and rivals who are saying that Chrysler is just dumping its car into the fleet market to make up for loss. Now something else, and pretty exciting, is boiling in Detroit.

Pundits are pondering the possibility of a merger between Chrysler and another weak link – Ford. Some are saying that Ford would keep Chrysler’s Jeep brand and its Dodge and Chrysler minivans – and dump everything else. Many are saying Chrysler needs a big name to back it up since being owned by a private equity firm keeps the automaker at a very low profile.

What do you think? Should the two just merge their assets together or should they stay rivals? Hug it out in the comments section below.


Source: CNNMoney

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