How many Hondas can you ‘Fit’ in an Indiana plant?

How many Hondas can you 'Fit' in an Indiana plant?

While Honda has only officially said they plan on building the Civic sedan at their new Greensburg, Indiana plant, they have stressed the flexibility of the plant. The Center for Automotive Research has predicted that the plant will produce the Accord in 2009 and the Fit in 2010.

The $550 million plan could produce as many as 220,000 cars by 2011. The plant could eventually be building one-fifth of all cars built in Indiana. Honda spokesman, Andrew Stoner (no we did not make that up) has said they might move some CR-V production to Greensburg from its Ohio plants, but added that any further projections are speculative at this point.

So while we could only ‘Fit’ one (actually, wait, make that two) Fit puns into this article, Honda seems to be able to ‘Fit’ (ok, now that’s three) as many as four distinctive model lines in its Greensburg, Indiana plant. You don’t need a last name like Stoner to realize that’s pretty far out, man.

UPDATE: Despite our musings at his name, Corporate Affairs Manager of Honda Manufacturing Indiana (wow, that’s a long title!), Andrew Stoner was kind enough to provide us with a clarification – Civic sedan production in Greensburg would increase capacity in Ohio for production of the CR-V. Any production of the CR-V in Indiana is just speculation at this point. Thanks Andrew!


Source: Indianapolis Business Journal

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