Rolls-Royce CEO confirms baby-Phantom and new engine

Rolls-Royce Chairman and CEO Ian Robertson confirmed plans for the baby Rolls-Royce we’ve been hearing about. Code-named RR-4, the baby Rolls-Royce Phantom will get a “brand-new” engine which Robertson says is “a further substantial advance.”

“To date I haven’t been able to tell you much about the RR4, but I can announce today that we are developing a brand-new engine for this model series,” he said. “Phantom is already the most efficient car in the superluxury segment, and the new engine will be a further substantial advance.”

In other words the RR4 will be greener and may even get a hybrid system like every other car.

Robertson says that the production RR4 is due for launch in 2010 and the engineering development is now well underway. He said that he recently drove an early test car as well. Robertson also pointed out that a production version of the 101EX coupe will be out this summer.


Source: Inside Line

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