Confirmed: Nissan Cube coming to the U.S.

Confirmed: Nissan Cube coming to the U.S.

Nissan had nothing special to show at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show but did say that Nissan dealerships will be getting a new entry-level small car. The Nissan Cube, which has been sold in Japan since 1998, will be arriving next year and will rival Toyota’s Scion lineup.

“The Cube is coming to the U.S. market,” said Shiro Nakamura, global design director for Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.

“It will be a unique vehicle for Nissan. Visually, it is not like any other model,” Nakamura said. “It’s not for everybody. It’s not aerodynamic. Some people in the United States will find it kind of strange.”

Nissan will not be following Scion’s ways of targeting the Cube towards the youth.

“Does Nissan need a youth brand? Nissan almost is a youth brand,” Lane said. “This is not to say we wouldn’t consider it in the future.”


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