Chrysler gives up on rear-wheel-drive for production Dodge Demon

So where’s that hot little RWD Demon sports car from Dodge was going to take on the Kappa twins and venerable MX-5? Well times have changed, because apparently the Demon will be based on one of Chinese-automaker Chery’s platforms and will be front-wheel drive. 

While Chrysler has stated the reason for the switch to front wheel drive was due to emissions regulations, the real reason seems to be price. Chrysler has stated that price is a main concern for this market, so be ready to be shocked if the price exceeds that of the Solstice, Sky or MX-5. As this car is b-segment based as will be other future Chrysler vehicles, we’re anticipating a price in the mid teens.

Even though the b-segment Chery-based Chrysler hatchback will be available in 2009, when the Demon will come out is anyone’s guess. So if you’re eagerly waiting for a replacement for your Geo Metro convertible, you might still have to wait a little longer. 


Dodge Demon Roadtser Concept Gallery:



Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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