Happy Birthday Chevrolet Volt

With the 2008 Detroit Auto Show just around the corner, GM has just reminded us that exactly one year ago today, the Chevrolet Volt made its debut. Bob Lutz recapped the past year outlining each important highlight in the development process of the Volt. Giving us the low down over at GM’s Fast Lane Blog, Lutz writes:

‘The enthusiasm for this product motivates us, every day, to bring the Volt and the E-Flex System technology to market as quickly as possible. In just 365 days, we”ve’:

– Revealed three variants of the E-Flex System; an Extended-Range Electric Vehicle (E-REV), a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle and a Diesel Extended-Range Electric Vehicle
– Assigned over 200 engineers to the program
– Transferred over 400 scientists and engineers from our Fuel Cell R & D programs to production programs “” same work, but now production intent
– Signed advanced development battery contracts with Continental and LG Chem
– Signed an advanced development lithium-ion battery cell contract with A123Systems
– Begun testing our first two batteries
– Opened a dedicated E-Flex Design studio staffed with over 40 interior and exterior designers

Not to mention they have significantly changed the design of the concept for improved fuel-economy and are still not sure whether they will meet the promised 2010 debut date. Anyway Happy Birthday Volt; you may be 4, 5 or 6 years old by the time you hit the roads.


Source: Fast Lane Blog

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