Chrysler’s overseas sales up by 15 percent

According to a report by Bloomberg, Chrysler sales outside of North America were up 15 percent in 2007 for a record 238,218. Big chunk of the increase came from the Middle East and North African region.

Every region outside North America posted gains, the report said. Middle East/North Africa rose 64 percent for a total of 21,171 vehicles, while Western and Central Europe gained 6 percent for a total of 117,675.

Chrysler’s U.S. sales were down 3.1 percent last year. Last month, The Wall Street Journal reported that Chrysler was in a huge financial struggle. The report said that Chrysler”s CEO Bob Nardelli told his employees at a meeting earlier this month that the company was headed for a huge loss this year and is trying to sell assets to raise the much needed cash.


Source: The Detroit News

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