Lutz calls for the removal of camo on production Camaros

Lutz call for the removal of camo on production Camaros

Hours after new spy shots of the camo covered Camaro hit the web earlier this morning, Bob Lutz has called for the removal of the camouflage on all pre-production Camaros to allow for further testing.

Chevrolet General Manager posted an article earlier today on GM’s FastLane Blog saying: “Word has come down from Bob Lutz to remove the camo from the pre-production Camaros so further evaluations could be done for aerodynamics and cooling efficiency.”

Ed Pepper also encouraged readers to keep their camera phones ready and told us that the pre-production Camaros will be appearing on both, U.S. and Australian roads.

“So keep those camera phones ready- if you happen to see one, we’d like to hear about it, so please post a comment and include your spy photo,” said Pepper.

FastLane Blog also included the first picture of the pre-production Camaro without camouflage.


Source: FastLane Blog

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