MUGEN tunes the 2008 Honda Accord

2008 MUGEN Inspire

MUGEN, the tuner of almost everything Honda, has released its tuner kit for the 2008 Honda Inspire, the Japanese version of the 2008 Honda Accord sedan.

The kit includes a variety of upgrades including a new grille, stainless steel exhaust system, front and rear aprons, a rear spoiler and 18-inch alloy wheels in several finishes.

Performance wise customers can go for a tuned sports suspension better brakes. Pricing for the kit begins at 173,250 Yen ($1,578). We think that the Honda HF-S Concept is hotter.

Click through for the images.

2008 MUGEN Inspire Gallery:

2008 MUGEN Inspire  2008 MUGEN Inspire  2008 MUGEN Inspire  


Source: MUGEN (via Inside Line)

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