Libyan leader’s son’s Ferrari gets impounded for excessive noise

Libyan leader's son's Ferrari gets impounded for excessive Noise

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s son’s Ferrari has been impounded for being too loud. Seif al-Arab, a 25 year old student in Munich, watched his £170,000 Ferrari 430 being towed after being pulled over by local police. German police said that they seized the Ferrari because its exhaust was too noisy.

The police said that they recorded 110.5 decibels from the 430’s exhaust system, higher than the permitted 98 decibels. The vehicle will be returned only if Gaddafi’s son agrees to change the exhaust system and pay a £100 fine.

Police said that Seif was pulled over previously and had been giving a warning. His international license is also suspected to be invalid.


Source: Telegraph

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