Toyota’s first lithium will most likely be a Lexus

Toyota's first lithium will most likely be a Lexus

So here is some crazy green news this morning. Instead of making its iconic Prius the first lithium-ion powered hybrid, Toyota may first offer a lithium-ion battery in a hybrid-only Lexus. According to Kazuo Okamoto, Toyota’s executive vice president of r&d and product development, the first Toyota lithium-ion car will be a limited edition, low-volume vehicle.

Lexus has been reported on working on a dedicated hybrid-only model that will be slightly roomier than the current IS lower-premium sedan. But don’t expect this car to arrive anytime soon.

According to Bill Reinert, Toyota doesn’t see any massive developments in lithium-ion battery technology any time in the near future.

“Nobody has the technology right now for a 150,000-mile lithium ion battery,” Reinert told Automotive News. “There have been tests in a lab, but not enough road tests with heat, cold, snow and salt.”

“Until we are really comfortable with the technology, we won’t install it.”

At the 40th Tokyo Motor Show last week, Lexus unveiled the new LF-Xh Hybrid SUV Concept. The Lexus LF-Xh uses the “˜Lexus Hybrid Drive” which features high-end performance along with high fuel efficiency and low emissions. Lexus says that the all-wheel-drive LF-Xh is powered by a V6 gasoline engine and a high-output electric motor hybrid system.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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