People love the CR-V: Honda’s earnings jump 63 percent

Honda said today that its quarterly earnings from July to September jumped 63 percent due to sales of fuel-efficient models. Honda also said that despite rising fuel prices, orders have been strong for the new redesigned CR-V.

Honda said that net profit was 208.5 billion yen ($1.83 billion), up from last year’s 127.9 billion profit. Operating profit rose 48 percent to 286.34 billion yen ($2.51 billion) from last year’s 193.02 billion yen. Sales grew 13 percent to 2.971 trillion yen ($26.06 billion) from last year’s 2.631 trillion yen, making the number 2 Japanese auto maker’s seventh consecutive sales record.

Honda”s global automobile sales rose 6 percent to 937,000 units but fell in its homeland 16.4 percent to 143,000 units.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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