More info: BMW X1 coming in 2011 with three-doors?

More info: BMW X1 coming in 2011 with three-doors?

BMW”s CEO, Norbert Reithofer, has already confirmed the production of a compact BMW X1 SUV . Instead of building the X1 in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where the X5 is made and where the X6 will be made, BMW will be moving production to its European plant. That’s really all we knew of the upcoming baby SUV.

New information from sources that tipped AutoExpress, say that the BMW X1 will be the size of the 1-Series (which seems awfully small to us) and will debut in 2011. Sources say that design influence will come from the recently revealed BMW Concept X6, but expect it to be a sporty three-door rather than a full fledged five-door SUV.

Magna Steyr which currently produces the X3 for BMW is reported to be designing the 4×4 system. Both the MINI SUV and the BMW X1 are expected to share platforms.


Source: AutoExpress

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