Ford CEO: Mercury is ‘doing well’

Ford CEO: Mercury is �doing well'

For those of you that keep saying that Ford should kill the Mercury brand, Ford’s CEO has something to say to you. At a recent meeting with reporters at a factory outside Detroit, Mulally reassured all you naysayers that Mercury will live on.

“Absolutely. It”s doing well. We”ve got a great set of products in Mercury. It”s a very nice complement to the Ford products. And so we have a good lineup in Ford, Lincoln and Mercury.”

However Ford executives are not saying anything about Mercury’s future lineup besides a hybrid version of the Milan sedan that will be coming out next summer.

At the meeting Mulally seemed to be tying in sales of struggling Mercury with Lincoln. In reality Mercury sales have been declining over the years. In 2007 first nine months of 2007, Mercury sales were off 11 percent, down from 146,418 to 129,743. Lincoln on the other hand had an 11 percent increase over last year.

“It”s a great product line, and dealers are very happy with it. Sales are spectacular for Lincoln Mercury. In some areas, Lincoln Mercury has been growing faster than Ford,” said Mulally.

Mulally expects Jim Farley, who recently left Toyota to come work for Ford as vice president of marketing and communications, to have a huge impact at Ford’s direction.


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