Acura NSX could still be on the way to Tokyo

Since Acura engineers totally ripped the whole Advanced Sports Car Concept script, which the NSX was supposed to be based on, speculators said that the NSX wouldn’t appear at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

Basically the Acura designers and engineers decided to start from scratch since top Honda management wasn’t happy with where the car was headed.

Now the folks over at WindingRoad are saying that the second take at the NSX could appear at the Tokyo Motor Show after all. Recent rumors in Tokyo are saying that Honda is planning a ‘very last minute press day surprise.’ It’s the same thing that Nissan pulled back at the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show when it unveiled the GT-R Concept.

The next-generation NSX has been seen testing at the Nurburgring recently with a Honda S2000 body camouflage. It is expected to be powered by a V10 unit producing above 500 horsepower.


Source: WindingRoad
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