LA Design Challenge Robocar 2057: Audi Virtuea Quattro

Audi Virtuea Quattro

The last example today of the Robocar 2057 comes from Audi. For the 2007 LA Design Challenge the Volkswagen/Audi Design Center of California will present the Audi Virtuea Quattro. The Audi Virtuea Quattro is a single-seater hydrogen-powered vehicle.

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“It’s the year 2057, and Audi continues to revolutionize through technology, offering a hydrogen-powered vehicle that combines artificial intelligence with avenues of self-expression.

This single-seat, autonomous driving machine functions as a solid unit at its core, while providing a myriad of possible holographic exteriors stored in a library and accessible through the vehicle’s interactive holographic interface.

Virtuea’s holographic exterior provides a variety of possibilities, allowing you to choose from the most innovative designs from one minute to the next. Your vehicle’s image can now proudly be displayed without any environmental impact, as no physical materials are needed to create your vision, regardless of size.

Audi takes pride in introducing personal transportation that combines passion with intelligence, which not only positively affects the environment, but your life as well.


Audi Virtuea Quattro Gallery:

Audi Virtuea Quattro  Audi Virtuea Quattro  Audi Virtuea Quattro  Audi Virtuea Quattro  audi_virtuea_quattro_image005.jpg


Source: LA Auto Show

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