Jaguar XF sales begin March 1 – Dealers say demand is strong

Jaguar XF goes on sale March 1st - Dealers say demand is strong

One of the most anticipated models of the year, the Jaguar XF (to some) is everything they expected it would be. Many see the XF as the only thing that will keep the car on its legs after it gets sold off by Ford. The car, which makes its official U.S. debut at the LA Auto Show next month while sales are scheduled to begin March 1st.

But dealers are saying that interested buyers better hurry in to get their name on the waiting list because there is already a back up until May.

“It’s the blossom we’ve been waiting to see grow,” one enthusiastic dealer told KickingTires.

According to spokeswoman Anne Clinard, dealers have already started taking orders based on how many units they will be getting from the factory.  She said that when it comes to orders being taken, Jaguar’s dealers have adapted the first-come first-served policy, “and there will be no buying your way up the waiting list.”

In the U.S. the Jaguar XF will come in a base 4.2 liter V8 engine will produce 300 horsepower and a 4.2 liter Supercharged V8 engine that will produce 420 horsepower. Jaguar will offer three trim levels including Luxury, Premium Luxury and Supercharged.


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Source: KickingTires

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