UAW on strike against Chrysler

UAW strikes against Chrysler

Here it goes again. The UAW went on strike against the new Chrysler LLC at 11am this morning after both sides were unable to reach a deal. The strike affects 49,000 UAW employees at 31 U.S. factories and technical centers.

Either side has yet to deliver an official statement on the situation.

Five U.S. plants are not included in the strike since they were already idled by the company. These plants include  Belvidere, Ill.; Conner Avenue and Jefferson North assembly plants in Detroit; an assembly plant in Newark, Del.; and Warren Truck outside Detroit. Rather than receiving $200-a-week strike allowance, the employees at those 5 plants will continue to receive full pay.

According to Automotive News, the strike is expected to shut Chrysler”s Canadian plants within 24 hours as production is halted.

More info as we get it.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)