Tokyo Preview: Toyota shows the future minivan with FT-MV Concept

Tokyo Motor Show Preview: Toyota shows the future minivan with FT-MV Concept

Toyota is set to hit Tokyo with a huge lineup of concepts showing the company’s commitment to environmentally-friendly vehicles. Among the many concept set to be unveiled by Toyota, Toyota will be showing the future of minivans with the FT-MV. In a huge press release outlining the concepts, Toyota says that the ‘FT-MV makes its presence felt as a first-class, new-generation minivan.’

On the inside it seems Toyota has put a lot of time into designing an elegant interior that feature luxurious options like a second-row seating with fully automatic ottomans as foot rests. The center console next to the driver also seems to take a new direction in design as compared to current Toyota minivans.

Of course all kind of ‘green’ features are expected to be a part of the FT-MV. More details will follow as Toyota will unveil the concept at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month.

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Toyota FT-MV Concept Gallery:

Toyota FT-MV Concept  Toyota FT-MV Concept  Toyota FT-MV Concept  

Toyota FT-MV Concept


Source: Toyota

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