Tokyo Preview: Toyota 1/X Concept – a lighter Prius

Tokyo Preview: Toyota 1/X Concept - a lighter Prius

Toyota will have a huge lineup of cars at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show with 8 concept and 13 other vehicles. Along with the other Toyota concepts we’ve shown you this morning, Toyota will introduce the Toyota 1/X, which is really pronounced “one-Xth.”

The Toyota 1/X, which seems like a mini-Prius, is a concept vehicle that Toyota says ‘maintains an interior space on par with that of the Prius.’ The weight of the Toyota 1/X concept is reduced to about one-third that of the Prius by using carbon fiber reinforced plastic throughout the body.

The 1/X uses fossil fuel (FFV) technology and a plug-in hybrid powertrain and is powered by a 500cc motor that allows charging from an external power source. Toyota says that the 1/X has a long electric-motor cruising range and while emitting little CO2.

Toyota 1/X Concept Gallery:

Toyota 1/X Concept Toyota 1/X Concept Toyota 1/X Concept 

Toyota 1/X Concept 


Source: Toyota

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