Ferrari 599 GTB based Vandenbrink GTO: Only 5 will be made

Vandenbrink GTO

Our friends over at tipped us off this morning with some new information on the Vandenbrink GTO, a car based on the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. Only 5 Vandenbrink GTO’s will be built for exclusive customers. Production is expected to begin next year with the first deliveries scheduled for 2009.

The Vandenbrink GTO was designed by Dutch designer Michiel van den Brink, an ex-Spyker who founded Vandenbrink Design Company along with his business partner.

Even though the car is based on the platform of the 599 GTB Fiorano, it will receive a performance upgrade from the engineers at EDO Competition. Two versions will be offered including a 5.9 liter that produces 650 horsepower and a high-performing 6.3 liter that produces 750 horsepower which will have FXX specs.

The Vandenbrink GTO will be built by Dutchman Alwin Hietbrink, who is worldwide known for his excellent aluminium craftsmanship. Pricing for the car starts at 993.000 euros.

Vandenbrink GTO Gallery:

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Vandenbrink GTO  Vandenbrink GTO  Vandenbrink GTO  Vandenbrink GTO  Vandenbrink GTO  Vandenbrink GTO  Vandenbrink GTO  Vandenbrink GTO  Vandenbrink GTO  Vandenbrink GTO