Tokyo Motor Show Preview: Subaru G4e concept

Subaru G4e Concept

Along with the new STI and the Exiga Touring Concept, Subaru today announced the new G4e, a futuristic concept electric vehicle. The G4e is powered by a 65kW motor that is mated with a high-performance next-generation lithium-ion battery that sits underneath the floor.

The G4e has the ability to go 200km (124 miles) on a single charge. Subaru says that the G4e has the ability to be gain 80% of battery life with a 15 min quick charge. The plug-in port sits right on the front bumper.

Measuring in at 2.65m, Subaru says that 5-adults can sit in the car comfortable. We’ll have to wait and see.

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Subaru G4e Concept Gallery:

Subaru G4e Concept Subaru G4e Concept Subaru G4e Concept 



Source: Subaru

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