Dealer tells woman to go back to VW, you don’t deserve a BMW

Dealer tells woman to go back to VW, you don't deserve a BMW

When BMW customer Raquel was getting ready to return her leased BMW, the lender Chase told her she can return the car at any local BMW dealership. Raquel decided to head over to Brecht BMW in San Diego where the manager of the dealership refused to accept her leased car.

Rather than offering good customer service as an authorized BMW dealer would, the manager at Brecht BMW through a tantrum, refusing to take back Raquel’s leased vehicle.

The Consumerist, reports that the manager started “screaming in front of her kids, threatening to call the police, and telling her to “go back to Volkswagen” because she didn’t ‘deserve to own a BMW.'”

One of us hear owns a BMW at eGMCarTech and is very pleased with the customer service they provide, besides the occasional or weekly visits for service.


Source: The Consumerist (via AutoBlog)

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