The Ultimate Spy Video: 3 Nissan GT-R’s, BMW M3 Sedan, Porsche Panamera, Mercedes E-Class, GLK and more

The Ultimate Spy Video: 3 Nissan GT-R's, BMW M3 Sedan, Mercedes E-Class, GLK, Porsche Panamera and more

So what’s the story behind this Dutch Autovise video showing you the hottest test mules of upcoming cars? Well, it was rumored on September 25th that Nissan would be hitting the Nurburgring with 3 test mules to take on the fastest lap time for a production car which is currently held by the Porsche Carrera GT.

We’ve already reported before that Nissan’s best unofficial time for lapping the Nurburgring is somewhere under 7:35. The Carrera GT holds the record at 7:28. Still no official word from Nissan whether the GT-R has broken the record for the fastest lap time around the Nurburgring, but we expect to hear something at Tokyo.

However 3 Nissan GT-R’s aren’t the only cool thing shown in this video. While waiting to spot the Nissan GT-R, Autovise came across test mules of the Fiat 500 Abarth, the 2009 Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, Mercedes-Benz SL AMG Black Series, BMW M3 Sedan, Jaguar XF-R, Mercedes GLK, BMW Z9, Porsche Panamera, Volkswagen Scirocco and the Subaru Impreza STi.

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