Funny Friday: Honda makes fun of Toyota's Prius 'Yes' Commercial

So last week we decided to launch a new category that will make you laugh every Friday with something funny going on in the auto world. We hope you all got a kick out of watching a little kid being dragged around by a little Volkswagen Golf TDI toy car. This week we bring you a Honda and Toyota hybrid face off.

You’ve probably seen the Toyota Prius ‘Yes’ commercial on TV where everyone is walking around holding a ‘Yes’ sign. Well Honda has made their own version of the commercial for Civic Hybrid where everyone is walking around holding a ‘No’ poster.

The commercial starts off with the guy in the background saying “Just because you wanna do something nice for the planet, doesn’t mean you need to drive a hybrid shaped like a cheese wedge.” We agree.

Click through for the videos.

Toyota Prius ‘Yes’ Commercial:


Honda Civic Hybrid ‘No’ Commercial:

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