New Daimler AG to respect the ‘Benz’ Name

New Daimler AG to respect the 'Benz' Name

The re-named Daimler AG held a meeting with shareholders today to approve their name change from DaimlerChrysler to Daimler AG after selling its majority holding in Chrysler to Cerberus Capital Group.

CEO Dieter Zetsche also told shareholders that it will call its passenger car business Mercedes-Benz Cars in order to respect the founder of Mercedes-Benz, Carl Friedrich Benz. Benz merged his company with Gottlieb Daimler in 1926. But when Daimler took on the merger with Chrysler the company was re-named DaimlerChrysler.

While CEO Zetsche insisted that the new name of the company had to be Daimler, he said that there was still room to honor the Benz’s legacy.

“The proud name of Benz will not only remain prominent, it will have significantly higher visibility,” he said.

The move will make Daimler’s premium division change its name from Mercedes Car Group to Mercedes-Benz Cars. The van unit will take on the name Mercedes-Benz Vans while DaimlerChrysler Bank will be renamed Mercedes-Benz Bank.

In other news, we’ll be changing our sidebar to read Daimler from DaimlerChrysler.


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