VW to reveal plug-in version of up! at the LA Auto Show

VW to reveal plug-in version of up! at the LA Auto Show

As we’ve told you before a second concept version of the up! concept is due at the Tokyo Auto Show in October, followed by a third concept at the LA Auto Show in November.

Now a new report from Automotive News, says that Volkswagen will be showing a 5-door minivan version at Tokyo Motor Show next month. Even more exciting, Volkswagen is reported to introduce a plug-in electric version of the rear-engine up at the LA Auto Show.

At the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show last month, Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn said that the Up concept was a “real Volkswagen.” He confirmed that the concept is one variant of a potential range of vehicles that VW is calling its “˜New Small Family.”

While Winterkorn wouldn”t cough up any info on the production up! concept version, he did say that the car would be likely to reach production in a couple of years.

The up! is a city specialist, seats four passengers. Pretty roomy for a small car the Volkswagen up! concept measures 3.45 meters in length and 1.63 meters in width. The engine will sit in the rear of the car, the first rear-engined car from Volkswagen since the iconic Beetle.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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