Report: Detroit 3 sales fall in September

Report: Detroit 3 sales fall in September

Yes, the Detroit 3 have done it again – According to the nerds at Goldman Sachs September was once a gain a tough month for the Big 3.

According to a new analyst report which was releasd Friday, Goldman Sachs estimated that GM’s retail sales fell 3 percent in September while Ford’s sales dropped 16 percent and Chrysler’s sales fell 7 percent (as compared to 2006). Goldman Sachs says that adjusted annualized rate for September is now 15.8 million units, down from 16.6 million last year and 16.3 million last month.

Coming as no surprise, Honda is expected to announce a sales increase of 16.3 percent in September while Nissan is expected to report a 2.3 percent for the month. We already know that Toyota expects that September sales in the U.S. might be tough to top since it had a huge spike the same month in 2006.

Toyota”s adjusted U.S. sales fell in July for the first time in almost three years, mainly due to the fact that it couldn”t live up to its record from 2006. Same thing happened in August.

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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