Nissan vehicles put out more carbon emissions

While Toyota reduced its average emissions rate by 3 percent over the last 15 years, Nissan had the biggest increase in carbon emissions rate. According to Environmental Defense, an advocacy group based in Washington, carbon emissions for Nissan’s 2005 fleet rose 9.2 percent from 1990 as the company added more light trucks with poor fuel-economy.

“Since the end of this report in 2005, we have added the subcompact Nissan Versa, Altima Hybrid and flex-fuel-capable trucks,” Nissan spokeswoman Jeannine Ginivan said in an e-mail to the Detroit Free Press.

She added that Nissan is committed to a plan to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions while improving the cars fuel-economy.

DaimlerChrysler came in seconds with an increase of 4.8 percent, followed by Honda’s 4.4 percent and Ford’s 4.3 percent. Good ol’ GM’s average rose 3 percent.

Previously we reported that Nissan is working on developing a diesel-powered Nissan Titan truck for the United States by 2009. Nissan will be working with US truck and engine maker Navistar International Corp to develop the diesel engines for the full-size pickup truck.


Source: The Detroit Free Press

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