Hyundai i-Blue Concept coming to Frankfurt

Hyundai today revealed the new i-Blue Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle that it will officially unveil at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show. The hydrogen-powered, zero-emission i-Blue Fuel Cell Electric vehicle demonstrates the company’s commitment to becoming more green.

The Hyundai i-Blue is built crossover platform and uses Hyundai’s third-generation fuel cell technology currently under development at Hyundai’s Eco-Technology Research Institute in Mabuk, Korea.

“The i-Blue is Hyundai’s first-ever model designed from the ground up to incorporate fuel cell technology, marking a tremendous leap forward for our R&D program,” said Dr. Hyun-Soon Lee, president of research and development. “Our engineering team has successfully designed a more compact fuel cell vehicle, while still realizing the safety, comfort, convenience and driving range of a traditional internal combustion engine vehicle.”

Hyundai hopes to continue its efforts to reach mass production of hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles a reality in the next decade.


Source: Hyundai

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