iCar: Volkswagen and Steve Jobs in discussion

According to German magazine Capital, Volkswagen and Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs, in discussion of producing a car together. The idea which is hated by many, although loved by many Apple fanboys, could see reality before the end of the decade.

“The two companies are in the early stages of talks,” a Volkswagen spokesman told German magazine Capital. Steve Jobs met Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn several days ago in California to discuss cooperation in the development of a so-called ‘iCar.’

Many analysts say that the car would probably consist of an existing Volkswagen model that will be upgraded with a variety of Apple produces.

The two companies have joined forced before in 2003 for a Beetle that was given a complimentary iPod as a part of a “Pods Unite” promotion.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)
Image Source: Gizmodo

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