What is Ford’s strategy to improve vehicle quality?

Have you driven a Ford lately? Well we haven’t, but apparently their quality has been improving. It’s no wonder that the struggling American auto maker stole the J.D. Power and Associate 2007 Initial Quality Study. Ford’s Lincoln division moved up to the top 3 of the list and here is the reason why.

Long before production began on the 2007 Lincoln Navigator, Ford yanked 100 of its best hourly UAW workers and sat them next to engineers, designers and suppliers in Dearborn. For a span of four months to a year, the 100 assembly line workers aided managers, engineers and designers on the developmental phase of the vehicle before it hit the assembly line.

Their main task was to point out any potential manufacturing glitches before they happened. Of course the results are now visible in quality ratings and warranty costs.

The Navigator L posted a 91% quality satisfaction score in J.D. Power and Associates study, the highest among all Ford cars. Ford’s total warranty repair costs have dropped by $700 million in the first half of 2007 which helped the company post a second-quarter profit.

Did you come up with this Alan? Is this how they did it at Boeing?

Source: Detroit Free Press

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