Audi’s new navi and electronic driving coach to help cut fuel consumption

At Audi’s TechDay 2007 conference in Germany, Audi revealed some new features that the auto maker plans to offer in its cars to help drivers cut fuel consumption. One interesting feature, called the ‘Electronic Driver Trainer’ analyzes the drivers style of driving and offers tips to help increase fuel-economy.

Audi said it will also introduce a new navigation system that will take fuel-consumption into consideration when calculating a route. “The necessary information about road conditions or traffic lights will be available with the next generation of digital road maps,” Audi said.

Of course Audi pointed out that despite all this cool new technology, it is up to the driver himself to be responsible for a driving style the reduces fuel consumption. Audi said that an individuals driving style can increase fuel-economy and can help reduce emissions by 30 percent.

So start driving greener guys! Of course, unless you have an Audi R8 – then go crazy.


Source: InsideLine

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