Toyota at Frankfurt: World-premiere of radical new small car concept

Toyota is set to unveil a revolutionary new small car concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Toyota’s Chairman, Fujio Cho, said last week that Toyota is looking to launch a small car within in the next two years. The radical new small car concept at Frankfurt is expected to be the concept study of that car.

The low-cost small car will be aimed at emerging markets and may even be considered for developed markets as well.

At the 2005 Frankfurt IAA, Toyota unveiled a minicar concept called the Endo (pictured above).

Toyota also has plans to unveil two new Yaris models, a new and redesigned RAV4 along with more specifications for the Land Cruiser. Toyota will also be celebrating 10 years of Hybrid Synergy Drive.


Press Release:

Toyota to showcase innovation at 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show

    * World-premiere of a radical new small car concept
    * 10 years of Hybrid Synergy Drive
    * Two new Yaris models
    * New RAV4 Cross Sport
    * More specifications for the legendary Land Cruiser
At the Frankfurt Motor Show, Toyota will also unveil a new small car concept in a revolutionary design.

Furthermore, Toyota is celebrating 10 years of commercial success with hybrid technology and the world’s most popular low emissions hybrid car, the Toyota Prius. This focus on hybrid technology is one key element in Toyota’s commitment to minimising fleet average CO2 emissions in Europe.

Toyota also uses the Frankfurt Motor Show to present the latest updates in some of its most popular models in Europe:

Two new models will be introduced into the Yaris line-up. The new Yaris 1.0-liter will showcase Yaris intelligent technology for smart urban driving, with its economical and easy-to-drive style. The new Yaris midrange grade offers more refined sportiness with a choice of petrol or diesel engines and hi-tech equipment levels, including an integrated, full map navigation system.

The iconic Toyota RAV4 comes with a new grade: RAV4 Cross Sport, offered in a new stylish design and premium quality with a range of enhancements for the 2008 model year. These further emphasise the sophisticated and urban design themes of RAV4 across the range.

Also on the stand is the Land Cruiser, now offered with extra specifications to further enhance passenger comfort. The fresh exterior styling of Land Cruiser adds a more dynamic look to reflect the superior quality of the model range.

For more information, please visit the Toyota press conference at Frankfurt Motor Show on September 11th 2007, Hall 8.


Source: Toyota

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