More info on the sixth-generation VW Golf

The Volkswagen Golf has become a lifetime icon for the German auto maker. So much so, that when the six-generation arrives, Volkswagen will be sticking close to the current design. Dr. Martin Winterkorn has ordered his engineers to stay true to old values.

What we know: We already know that when the six-generation Golf arrives, the front fascia will get minimal redesign, sticking close to the current Golf. However, in the back the Golf will carry over the roofline to save money. The tail lamps on the six-generation Golf will get thinner.

What’s new: Winterkorn has ordered designers not to add a chrome grille to the six-generation Golf. He has also ordered them to basically leave alone the interior since its already receives acclaim for solid quality. However, Volkswagen engineers are paying close attention to the front with the split grille and three salient lower intakes (which may indicate more power for the six-generation).

Winterkorn has confirmed a date for autumn of 2008 for the six-generation Golf. Most of the engine specs are expected to be carried over however we may see some power increase. The 200 horsepower GTI and 250 horsepower R32 will be carried over, although that will be replaced by a 300 horsepower R36 by the end of the decade.

Photo Rendering: Sixth-Generation VW Golf Gallery:


Source: AutoBild (via GermanCarBlog)

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