Kid trades unlocked iPhone for a free Nissan 350Z

George Hotz, who hasn’t even started his first day of college, has received much fame in the past couple of days for unlocking Apple’s new iPhone. That will allow the Apple iPhone to run on any wireless network with any SIM card.

Hotz this weekend traded his unlocked iPhone for a Nissan 350Z along with 3 8GB iPhones. Certicell founder, Terry Daidone, traded his Nissan 350Z to get behind Hotz unlocked iPhone secrets.

Hotz starts his first day of college tomorrow with a sweet new ride and 3 8GB iPhones to unlock and cell to the highest bidder. George lives in our home state of New Jersey. George if you’re around hit us up on our Contact Page and let’s hang out. Have fun buddy.

Source: iPhoneJtag (via AutoBlog)

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