Infiniti targeting EX towards female buyers

Infiniti hopes that when the new Infiniti EX hits showrooms in Decembers, the compact SUV will lure in women buyers. Infiniti’s General Manager, Mark Igo, believes that the EX will be their ticket to female buyers, which the company currently lacks.

“We skew very male,” Igo said at a press event here. “We think there’s incremental business out there from women buyers if we can appeal to them.”

Currently only 35 percent of Infiniti buyers are women, while the rest is made up of performance hungry men driving the G35 and FXs. According to Igo, the EX has a 50 percent female buyer target.

Infiniti plans on taking the EX on a road show in its key markets in the U.S. to female-oriented events.

“We have to introduce ourselves to women,” Jan Thompson, Nissan North America’s vice president, told Automotive News. “They haven’t had a lot of opportunity to discover us. Until now, we’ve been all about performance, style and handling.”

Oh well fellows, if you were eager to get behind the wheels of the EX you will now be seen as girly.

2008 Infiniti EX Europe Gallery:



Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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