Ford launches active suspension for the new Ford Mondeo

Ford today announced the launch of an active suspension system for the new Ford Mondeo provides the driver with an array of suspension settings. Called Interactive Vehicle Dynamic Control (IVDC), the system offers sports, comfort and regular modes and effectively eliminates the trade off engineers have to make between ride and handling with conventional suspension set ups.

The settings determine how the suspension will react and adjusts itself in line with the car’s behavior and the road conditions. The firmer sports setting now allows the car to response better on twisty B-roads while the comfort setting is ideal for long distance drives.

Once the driver makes the choice, the active suspension technology adjusts the Mondeo’s dampers more than 10 times a second to provide the best possible handling, matching the driver’s selection with road conditions. It takes into consideration adjustments being made by the driver in his/her acceleration, braking, cornering speed etc.

The system has been tuned to match precisely the specific weights and tracking of the new Mondeo.


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Source: Ford

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