VW City Expert: Small rear-engine concept headed for Frankfurt

Dr. Martin Winterkorn, head of Volkswagen, has confirmed that the first concept version of its new small rear-engine car will be showing up in Frankfurt this September. Volkswagen will be producing two different models of the small car for two different markets.

For Western Europe, the car will be priced in the region of 8,000 euros, while for emerging markets the base model of the car will be priced between 5,000 to 7,000 euros. As reported before, options like power steering and AC won”t be offered due to cost-reducing measures.

The small Volkswagen car is built on a four-seater platform underneath the company’s smallest car, the Fox. When developed, the rear-engined car will come in three wheelbase options and two body styles, two of which will be offered in the US and will be marketed as a cheaper Jetta aimed at the Smart ForTwo. The car is expected to be called the Volkswagen City Expert.


Source: Presse Portal (via GermanCarBlog)

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