BMW threatens action against Chinese copy of X5

Just last week we told you about the Chinese Smart ForTwo copy cat that Mercedes is planning on taking legal action against. Well BMW is headed down the same road as it plans to take legal action against another Chinese auto maker that will be displaying their ‘CEO’ SUV at Frankfurt.

The ‘CEO’ SUV bears a striking resemblance to BMW’s X5. “We’ve already taken measures against the distribution of the CEO in Europe,” a BMW spokesperson told Automobilwoche. “We’ll consider taking legal action should the car be shown at the IAA.”

The Chinese auto maker of the ‘CEO’ also makes the ‘UFO’ which is direct copy of the Toyota RAV4. All three, including the Smart ForTwo copy, are headed to Frankfurt to make their debut.

China Automobile Deutschland, the independent importer that hopes to bring all three models onto the market in October, said it had no knowledge of the possible IAA ban.

“The discussion might even be helpful, because it elevates our products to the same level as BMW and Smart,” company head Karl Schlössl told Automobilwoche.

Companies that violate IAA regulations and are accused of product and brand violations face removal of their products at the IAA, according to Germany’s automobile association, the VDA.

BMW has already issued a warning against the distribution of the CEO in Italy.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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