Forget VW’s Golf Bluemotion: Ford to debut 65.7mpg Focus at Frankfurt

Everyone is pretty excited about the all-new Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion set to make its debut at Frankfurt this September. Other green friendly cars to make their debut in Frankfurt include the Volvo C30 Efficiency and the Opel Corsa Hybrid. Well there is a new player headed to Frankfurt, and its American.

The Ford Focus ECOentic will also be headed to Frankfurt as one of the many green cars and will be powered by a 1.6 liter Duratorq TDCi  diesel engine that produces 107 horsepower. The Focus ECOentic has combined fuel economy of 65.7mpg and 115g/km of CO2, figures that crush the Golf Bluemotion.

The Focus ECOnetic will go on sale in early 2008. But we expect to see the ECOnetic technology arriving in the entire Ford range following the Focus launch.


Source: AutoCar

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