Chevy Corvette: No plans to go mid-engine

Plans for a mid-engine Corvette have been in discussion at GM since the 1960s and are now heating up once again. But according to sources at InsideLine, a mid-engine Corvette is a long way from seeing the light of day.

Supporters of the idea say that a mid-engine Corvette would allow them to do things with the car that are not possible now, such as speeding up acceleration. The say that a mid-engine Corvette would boost GM’s reputation to a global technology lead, one of its main goals.

Others and outside analysts say that a mid-engine Corvette will kill the cars reputation of an affordable sports car. While a mid-engine would mean better performance, it would increase cost that would either have to be passed down to the customer or eaten by GM.

Forecasting firm Global Insight says the Corvette enjoys comparative advantage of its rivals with its affordable price.

“But to move the model into the more rarefied territory occupied by the Porsche 911 and Audi R8 would move it out of the affordability range presently enjoyed by its current owners,” says Global Insight.


Source: InsideLine