650,000 car accidents caused by uninvited insects

According to a survey conducted by esure car insurance, over half a million drivers have had a car accident where the distraction was caused by insects and bugs. The little things have caused an estimated £44 million ($88 million) worth of car damage each year.

esure car insurance surveyed over 1,000 motorists to find out the top summer driving distractions and insects proved to cause the second biggest distraction. 75 percent of drivers said that rogue bugs drove them to distraction while over a million drivers said that they slammed the  brakes when an insect flew into their car.

21 percent of drivers said they took their hands off the wheel to kill or flick the bug out of the window.

We’re just wondering who actually sat there and came up with all these numbers. They even went deeper into the analysis. If you’re interested head over to automotoportal.


Source: automotoportal

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