Nissan may void GT-R warranty for 2nd owners

The most anticipated car in the world hasn’t even gone into production yet and there is already a huge waiting list for it. But for those first time buyers who are looking to flip the Nissan GT-R for a quick profit, they may have to think again.

According to Nissan’s vice president of marketing, Jan Thompson, Nissan is considering to void the GT-R’s warranty for the second buyer if the transaction takes place less than one year of the original purchase. Nissan is hoping that voiding the warranty for the second buyer will discourage first-time buyers for selling the GT-R for a profit.

“That’s the route we’re looking at,” said Scott Vazin, Nissan’s director of product public relations. “A warranty decision will be made before the Tokyo auto show.”

When the 450 horsepower Nissan GT-R hits dealerships after its debut at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Show, pricing is expected to be around $70,000.


Source: InsideLine

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