Mazda’s Future: MX-5 Miata redesign in 2010, new Mazda3 and RX-8 in 2009

The next-generation Mazda6 is set to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show this September, but that’s not the only thing that’s been keeping the Zoom-Zoom company busy. There is going to be a lot of work going on at the partly Ford owned company within the next 5 years.

The Mazda MX-5 Miata is going to get a much needed redesign and Mazda is already looking at the next-generation Mazda3 for the spring of 2009.

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Mazda2: While Mazda isn’t that eager to bring the Mazda2 to the United States to rival with the Honda Fit or Toyota Yaris, the company still hasn’t ruled out the possibility. Due to the strict fuel-economy standards we just might see the Mazda2 on our roads in 2010.

Mazda3: Mazda will offer a re-engineered Mazda2 in the spring of 2009 as a 2010 model with more power and fuel-economy. The design of the Mazda2 will see minor changes.

Mazda6: Mazda has already released a teaser image of the Mazda6 which will make its official debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September. Mazda will be dropping the wagon and MazdaSpeed6, leaving only the sedan and the hatchback in the lineup. The car is expected to get the 3.7 liter engine from the CX-9.

Mazda MX-5 Miata: While a total redesign is in the works for the 2010 model year, MX-5 Miata fans can get their hands on a race package that arrives this fall. That will be followed by a MazdaSpeed edition in mid-2008.

Mazda Kabura: As of yet Mazda has no plans to built the Kabura concept from the MX-5 platform. The Kabura may need new engineering since the MX-5 platform is closely tied to the Miata.

Mazda RX-8: Mazda will be offering a special-edition model this fall for the 40th anniversary of the rotary engine. The car will get redesign in spring 2009 as a 2010 model.

Mazda Tribute: Mazda will offer a hybrid model for the Tribute this year based on the Ford Escape Hybrid.

Mazda CX-5: The Mazda3-derived compact crossover may hit markets in the fall of 2010 as a 2011 model. It will replace the Tribute but to avoid hurting the sales of the CX-7, Mazda will offer it in a four-cylinder without turbo. It may take some design hints from the Ford Kuga.

Mazda CX-7: The successful SUV will see no major changes in the near future.

Mazda CX-9: A 3.7 liter V6 will be offered soon.

Mazda5: The small minivan will get a minor change for the 2008 model year with a 5-seed automatic and a revised interior. No redesign is planned due to sluggish sales.


Source: AutoWeek (via AutoBlog)

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