DeLorean making a comeback: Production confirmed for next year

The short-lived auto maker, DeLorean, is making a comeback after 25 years with the car that was the star in all “Back to the Future.” That’s right – the stainless steel DeLorean DMC-12 car featuring gull-wing doors is making a comeback, according to the executives of the new DeLorean company.

James Espey, vice president of DeLorean, said the company will begin building the new DeLoreans next year. DeLorean will be building one or two cars a month by hand in Humble, Texas.

“Job 1 will begin in the third quarter of next year,” said Espey of a possible start time.

About 80 percent of the new DeLoreans will be made from parts produced in the early 1980s. “When DeLorean closed in 1982, there were thousands of parts left untouched,” he said. “Everything was shipped to a warehouse in Texas. We took those parts and have been helping people restore and repair their DeLoreans for the past 12 years.”

As supplies continue to diminish, as DeLorean helps existing owners repair their old cars, demand for the cars continues to rise. When DeLorean started producing new parts, decision was made to combine the old parts with the new.

When the new DeLorean debuts, the company will update the interior and will provide more powerful engines. The cars will be sold at five U.S. locations and one in Europe. Pricing is expected to be $57,500.


Source: The Detroit News

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