Photo Rendering: BMW Z9 to take on the Audi R8

Here is the first look of BMW’s upcoming Audi R8 competitor. We’re not sure exactly what BMW is going to this car so we’re going with Automotive News on this one. Before the CS Concept made its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show, Automotive News reported that BMW will be unveiling a high-end sports car, called the BMW Z9, that would compete with the Audi R8.

While BMW never unveiled the ‘Z9’ at Shanghai, BMW did say that the CS Concept was supposed to show where BMW design is headed. As you can see from these latest renderings, the BMW Z9 will take major influence from the front end of the CS Concept with a large grille, aggresively designed headlights and huge air intakes. The large intakes along with the two hood vents and side vents, indicate the use of a powerful engine, enough to rival the Audi R8.

When the BMW Z9 makes its debut, it is expected to be powered by a modified version of the V10 engine found in the M5 and M6 and will develop 550 horsepower. BMW hopes to keep the weight below 1,400 kg with the use of carbon fiber, aluminum and magnesium.

The car is expected to be priced way below the $130,000 price tag of the Z8, which we expect will be in the ballpark of Audi R8″s $109,000 to $118,000.

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